My name is Gjeret, and I like rocks. 💎

I've always been fascinated by rocks and crystals ever since I was a little boy, after our family trips emptying out my pockets would produce a plethora of memories and treasures in the form of rocks and crystals.... the more colorful and sparkly the better!

Fast forward a couple of years, and my wife tells me to take up a hobby. Once again I gravitated towards rocks, only this time the smaller and sparklier ones. I started to cut and polish gemstones. Amethysts, Garnets, Topazes, Beryls, and smaller batch unknown gemstones such as Apatite, Iolite, and even Vesuvianite. Stuff you can't find at a standard jewelry store.

I wanted to showcase the gemstones that I cut, so I learned how to set stones. This is how we started producing great pieces of jewelry art in silver and gold with a focus on the gem.

We do great pendants and rings with settings sourced from big-name (in the industry) jewelry suppliers. If you have ever walked into any jewelry store... yep, same exact settings (ours just has unique awesome gems in them).

I am just a guy, that likes sparkly cool gemstones, so I started making gemstone-focused tie-tacks and cufflinks. It's Awesome working with Silver (Sterling, and Argentium) and gold! We like using precious metals that are ethically sourced and will last!

We are based out of the Greater Milwaukee Area (New Berlin) and I LOVE grabbing a coffee with my clients. If you want to get something custom, learn more about what or why I cut and create, let us put something on the calendar!